Assignments for IB this week

Hey gang…

So, welcome to the 2nd week of spring break, I guess?  I hope you and all of yours are doing well and embracing the streaming video/online gaming life style.

So we are not real sure how all of this is going to work yet.  There is the possibility of deadlines for IB exams being pushed back, but they are contingent on a few things… including us being out for more than a week.  Once I know something for certain, I will pass along the information to you.

If you are an HL2 or SL student, there is still the goal of trying to submit for your IB exam, which may or may not have a later deadline than April 20th.  So, if you have the ability to make any artworks at home, you may want to so you don’t fall behind.  I don’t want anyone feeling like they need to run out to Hobby Lobby or spend a ton on Amazon.  But if you have art supplies at home, and say… a lot of free time… it might be helpful to crank out a piece this week.  Ash, this is the perfect time for you to embrace your digital art ;)

If you are an HL1, don’t worry about it.  For now, focus on your other classes.  If we are out only a short time, we can easily make it up.  If things change, I will let you know.

So again, take care of yourselves, and your family.

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