Assignments for APAH this week

Hey gang…

So, welcome to the 2nd week of spring break, I guess?  I hope you and all of yours are doing well and embracing the streaming video/online gaming life style.

So we are not real sure how all of this is going to work yet.  There is the possibility of AP exams being pushed to a later date, but they are contingent on a few things… including us being out for more than a week.  Once I know something for certain, I will pass along the information to you.

We still want to get you ready for your AP exam, and honestly, all this craziness is an opportunity for you to get a leg up on the competition.  So with that in mind, take this week to review art of the Indigenous Americas.  Below are some links to help you navigate the material, and the textbook you have never opened can also be very handy.

The slide list for Indigenous Americas

Indigenous American art on Khanacademy

I can’t honestly tell you right now if this material will be used for a test, extra-credit, or the source of some kind of outrageous tableaux-vivant.  For now, just start reviewing the material as if we were still in class, and you had a vocab quiz in the very near future.

So again, take care of yourself and your family.  Teach them all about how Aztecs believed the gods needed human blood in order to live.  It’s fun stuff.

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