First Exhibition Sketch

On Wednesday we begin our first exhibition pieces.  In order to make sure you are ready, what we need is a working sketch for your first piece.

Remember that your idea should configure with your statement you just drafted or updated.

You may want to use one of the sketches you just generated for me, or you may be creating something new.  Either is fine, I just need to see that you have a firm plan in mind for the 29th, when we start.

Also remember that you get to choose the medium you are working with for your project.  I recommend that you choose a medium you are familiar with and strong.  You may also want to verify that any materials you need are here in the class.  If they are not, we may need to see if the other art teachers can loan us something, or you may need to secure your own materials.

You will have only 10 working days in class for each exhibition piece.

Upload or show me a sketch in person by Tuesday, 1/28, 11:00 p.m.  This is a formative grade.

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