IB Selection of Works for The Comparative Essay

The next few weeks are going to be largely about completing the Comparative Essay.  We will discuss this at length in class, and you can also find an overview of the essay, with examples, here.

The Assignment

1.  Select Three Artworks

As our first step, we need you to select three artworks to discuss.  In a brand new PowerPoint, put in your Comparative Essay Folder, write the full credit lines for these three works (title, artist, medium, dimensions, and date of creation).

Additionally, your three works must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 3 different artworks that you will critique, and then compare and contrast (you can write about more than 3 works, but don’t go crazy)
  • These artworks must come from at least 2 different artists or cultural contexts
  • HL  students must also talk about how the selected works influenced their own art

2.  Discuss What Connections or Comparisons You See

For each of the three works, tell me why you are selecting it, and how you can see it will connect or compare with your other selected works.  We need to see if you have something to say about the work. 

3.  Secure images of these Three Artworks

In the same Comparative Essay Folder, put copies of the three images you want to use.  Try to get clear, well cropped/trimmed images that are large, but with no file size larger than 1 MB.  Anything larger will cause editing issues later.

4.  Secure Three Valid Resources

In the same PowerPoint you made above, I want you to identify at least three valid resources that you can use to help write your Comparative Essay.  These resources need to be properly cited, and I will check their authenticity.

You already have at your disposal our textbook, and two different online resources:  smarthistory.org and kahnacademy.org.  Depending on who or what you want to use, I may be able to help provide additional sources.  Wikipedia is an ok place to start, but it should never be your sole choice.  Sometimes Wikipedia can help lead you to a fantastic resource.  Electronic citations must be page specific to the artwork.

Your resources need to be fully cited.  Use the same format (MLA, Chicago, whatever) that you had to use for your EE.  If you are unsure, these two websites can help quite a bit with getting proper citations (and you can also bug me for help):



Assignment Recap:

  1. Select three artworks and identify them in a PowerPoint, in the Comparative Essay folder
  2. Tell me why these works were selected, and how you see them comparing or contrasting with each other.
  3. Secure images of these three works and put them in the Comparative Essay folder
  4. Fully and properly cite three resources in the same PowerPoint

This is a formative grade and it is due Monday 9/30, by 11 pm.





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