IB Crash Course in Art History, Part 2

  1. CHOOSE ONE of the following topics (I would suggest choosing the one which interests you the most).
  2. VISIT the assigned Smarthistory.org link for that topic.
  3. Then ANSWER THE ASSOCIATED QUESTIONS using the information gained from those links, your textbook, your notes, and our discussions.  Your answers should reflect knowledge gained from the links provided, in addition to any other resources or previously learned information.

This is due Monday, 9/16, by 11 pm.  This is a formative grade, and you may email me your answers.

Religion in Art

https://smarthistory.org/a-brief-history-of-religion-in-art/  (video)

  1. What has been the role of art been within religion?
  2. The video mentions that many world cultures did not originally have a word for art.  What reason for this is the narrator suggesting?
  3. What does an-iconic mean?
  4. How does the religion of Islam deal with their an-iconic rules?
  5. Share one other thing you learned from the video.

Surface and Depth in Art


  1. How does the video define the picture plane?
  2. In their example, how is the picture plane divided?
  3. Explain trompe l’oeil and identify an artist who employed it.
  4. What did Mondrian do physically to his work to help remind you, the viewer, that you were looking at a painting?
  5. Share one other thing you learned about the depiction of space.


https://smarthistory.org/contrapposto/ (video)

  1. How do the speakers in the video define contrapposto?
  2. Which culture is credited with creating contrapposto?
  3. How do the compared figures convey a sense of time differently?
  4. How are the compared figures different in symmetry?
  5. Share one other thing you learned about about the depiction of the human figure.
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