AP Timeline: Realism to Dada

You are to construct an original timeline.  The timeline should do the following things:

  • include the required artworks, artistic periods, and historic dates listed below.
  • demonstrate (in a way that is clear to you) the sequential nature of some of these events.
  • The timeline should also demonstrate (in a way that is clear to you) the overlapping nature of some of these events.

Your timeline should be clear, concise, and regardless of how it is constructed is up to you.  You will not be turning this in to me.

You are making this timeline to help prepare you for a quiz we will have in class.  For this quiz I may list a single century or decade (ex.  12th century), and it is your task to identify which of the listed items below occurred during that century or decade.  The quiz will be asking about several centuries or decades.

There will be a timeline quiz on x/xx, in class.  This will be a formative grade.  The quiz will be based on the list of items below, and your ability to identify the correct century to which they belong.

Required Artworks

Carson, Pirie, and Scott Building


Impression: Sunrise

Les Demoiselles D’Avignon


Improvisation #28

The Persistence of Memory

The Scream

Starry Night

Required Art Periods



German Expressionism





Required Historic Dates

1913 The Armory Show
1914-1918 World War I
1930’s The Great Depression
1939-1945 World War II


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