IB Finalizing the Exhibition Portfolio

We need to add the finishing touches to your Exhibition Portfolio.

  • Add the final pages, including any artwork that was not already included in this document.  For each artwork, you need to create a page that should have the following things:

A clear image of the artwork, as large as we can make it on the page

The credit line, to include:  Title, medium, and size in centimeters

A short (one to five sentences) commentary about the artwork.  You may use this to talk about how it fits in your theme, how your ideas have been developing, or personal meaning/iconography that may not be immediately visible to the viewer.

You can create an additional page for some of your artworks to provide a 2nd view, or a detail view of the work you are discussing.

  • Review your Curatorial Rationale one last time.  This has already been created as a separate word document Do one last check for spelling and grammar, and check your word count.

                                For SL students, the max number of words is 400

                               For HL students, the max number of words is 700

                              Unlike other pages for IB, a graphic is not required on the page

Complete the Curatorial Rationale and  Exhibition pages for all artworks by Monday, 4/15, 11 pm.  This is a final deadline, with no chance to submit late. Your work will be submitted directly to IB without any further edits.  Formative grade.

Below are several examples of Exhibition Portfolios:

Exhibition Portfolio, O

Exhibition Portfolio, J

Exhibition Portfolio, E

Exhibition, A

Exhibition Sample D HL

Exhibition Sample C HL (1)

Exhibition Sample A SL (1)

Exhibition Sample B SL (1)

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