IB Comparative Essay Part 1

For this week’s assignment, we are starting the first parts of the comparative essay.  By Monday, you should accomplish the following goals:

  1. Create your title page.  Include the following info:  Comparative Essay, Candidate Number, and Personal Code.  Under no circumstances should you include your actual name.
  2. Write the background material for works 1 and 2.  By background material, think biography, but keep it focused on their career and personal style as an artist.  Give us information about the artist’s history, art movement, personal style, etc.  Try to focus on material that will matter when you begin discussing the artwork itself.  If there was a major life event that impacted the artist and then shows up in the work, that is what you should be discussing.  (Recommended 1 page per background.  If both works come from the same artist, it might be a single page.  Don’t forget to include some kind of visual.)
  3. Fully critique works 1 and 2.  Just follow the critique method we have used in the past.  (It is recommended to do one critique per page.  If you need two pages, it’s not a problem, but try not to go longer than that.  The image should be on the page, you could use a detail/crop of the image on a second page.  It is ok to use arrows, create pullouts, or organize the critique into text boxes linked to the image.)

If you need reminders about the Comparative Essay, or want to see examples, go here.

This will be due Monday, 4/1, by 11 pm.  This is a formative grade.

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