IB Final Draft of the Process Portfolio

So it is here at last, time to wrap up this part of your IB submission.  Please note, even if you are not submitting this year, I still want you to go through the checklist and participate in this assignment.

  1. Check that every page has a graphic of some kind, and is appropriately sized.
  2. Check that every page has a title.
  3. Check that every image that is yours has a title, medium, and size (in centimeters).
  4. Check that every image that is not yours has been properly identified and cited.
  5. Check that text is laid out on the page in an attractive and effective manner.
  6. Check all spelling and grammar.
  7. Check that your fonts are consistent in type and size throughout the document.
  8. Check that your slides are using the same, simple background on every page.
  9. Check that you are within the range of slides you need to submit (use your personalized Submission Checklist to do this).
  10. Check that you have some drawings, some paintings, and some photographs in your submission.

Once you have done all of this, leave the document in our shared folder.  I will review it, help edit photo sizes if needed, and will then upload it within a week of your submission.

This last set of revisions and checks are due Monday, 3/25, by 11 pm.  This is a formative grade.

Please note that you are the final editor of this document.  What you give me is what I submit.  Make sure you are happy with the document and that you feel it best represents your growth and exploration as an artist.



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