IB Depth of Field Photo

For this assignment I want you to play around with photography a bit.

You are to take a series of 5 original photos.  Your photos are to have the following characteristics:

  1. Choose subjects where you can play with depth of field. Also sometimes called field of focus, depth of field is an optical effect where some objects in the picture are sharply in focus, and other parts are blurry and out of focus.  Photographers will take advantage of the mechanics of the camera to create interesting photos that can create emphasis, help express distance, and/or lend itself to abstraction.  Depth of Field can be created on most cameras by just focusing on one object in your view finder, and then letting the rest naturally dissolve into out-of-focus shapes and colors.  On an iPhone, the camera will focus on the part of the image that you tap.  Getting close to a subject, or focusing on a far away subject, can also help create this effect.
  2. Submit 5 different photos.  We are submitting several photos so that we can select the best one to include in your Process Portfolio.

This is due Monday, 2/11, by 11 p.m.  This is a formative grade.  Your 5 photos should be placed in your process portfolio, and labeled as  “Depth of Field #”

Bellow are some examples:



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