IB Texture Photo

For this assignment I want you to play around with photography a bit.

You are to take a series of 5 original photos.  Your photos are to have the following characteristics:

  1. Black and white. Alter your photo to only be black and white, with no color at all.  You may do this with simple photo editing of via settings on your camera/phone.  We want the photo to demonstrate a good range of values, from white to black with 3-5 grays.
  2. Choose a subject with a lot of texture (simulated or actual). Choose a subject or subjects that display distinct texture.  This may be anything:  palm fronds, mist on glass, a gravel path, a rusted surface.  The goal is to find a subject that is visually interesting because of its texture.  You may want to zoom in on the subject to better record the texture, and you should definitely consider the lighting.  Shadows are what help reveal texture.
  3. Submit 5 different photos.  We are submitting several photos so that we can select the best one to include in your Process Portfolio.

This is due Monday, 1/28, by 11 p.m.  This is a formative grade.  Your 5 photos should be placed in your process portfolio, and labeled as  “Texture #”

Bellow are some examples:


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