IB A Coherent Body of Work: Influence

For this exercise, what I want you to do is consider influence.  As artists, we never work in a void.  Instead we are the sum total of all those who we are inspired by, and our reactions to them.

…and IB is also going to want you to write about your influences as part of your Exhibition Portfolio ;)

Artistic Influence
What I want is for you to find 3 artists who could be or are an influence on your theme.

For each artist, provide their name, a brief statement of how or why they could be/are an influence, and 1 visual example of their artwork.

When it comes to influence, artists can influence in lots of ways:

  • subject matter
  • artistic technique
  • aesthetics
  • material choices
  • particular style
  • particular way of rendering the human form/landscape/trees/whatever
  • their color palette

… and the list goes on and on.  Influence does not mean your work looks like theirs, or that you are copying them.  I admire the work of Diebenkorn a lot, and he challenges my own views on my art, but my work looks nothing like his.


You may already have some sources of influence in mind.  If you do not, well, this is one of the reasons you have a textbook.  Start going through it and see if there are artists in there that catch your eye or seem to have something in common with your own ideas for your Exhibition.

You can also use resources like smarthistory.org or artsandculture.google.com.  Both of these websites allow you to search by artists, themes, and artistic periods.

And you can of course, also have a conversation with me.  Once we know what your theme is, I may be able to suggest some artists that you may be interested in.

So In total I want you give me the following:

  • 3 artists who are or could be influential on your work
    • a statement for each artist saying how or why they could be an influence
    • a visual example of an artwork by this artist

Add all of this to the PowerPoint we started in your Exhibition folder.

This is due Tuesday, 1/22, by 11 pm.  This is a formative grade.

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