IB Reflection on the Shattered Still Life Assignment

For this homework assignment, we are going to add to our Process Portfolio.

Add This to Your Process Portfolio Document

Your reflections are to be recorded in PowerPoint, or Pages, whichever you have access too and are more familiar with.  If you have issues having access to these programs, they are available to you on the computers in my classroom.

For every reflection we do, we are going to add them to a single document.

For those who were with me last year, we are just adding these new pages to the document you already have.

Reflections on the Shattered Still-Life Assignment

For this assignment, I want you to create 1-2 pages (3 if you have a lot to say and plenty of visuals) about the artwork.  On these pages, you can talk about or include any of the following things:

  • Photographs of your artwork, which may include detail shots
  • Photographs of the collage, sketches, or notes on the assignment
  • Any in-process photos you may have
  • Discussion of what it was like to work with your selected medium, which could include what you found easy, what you found difficult, and any tips or techniques that you learned or discovered along the way
  • Discussion of any decisions you had to make along the way regarding process, materials, composition, color, etc.
  • Discussion of any artistic influences that effected your work
  • A description of what you were trying to depict or show with your artwork
  • Your judgement of how the artwork turned out (was it successful, where did you fall short, what could you do better, etc.)
  • Any potential ideas or goals for future artworks

Note that this is not a definitive list, nor do you have to do everything on the list.  These are merely suggestions to help guide you.

You are in essence critiquing both your work, and your process.

What Your Page(s) Must Have

  • A title or header, so we know what this page is about
  • Something visual on every single page (you can have more than 1 photo per page)
  • A border (do not go edge-to-edge with your work)
  • Text that demonstrates your thinking and/or reflections
  • Citations for any images or quotes that come from someone other than you
  • Transcribing of any handwritten text that is in a photo, but is not legible
  • Make sure that it matches the formatting of your previous submission.

Sample Pages

The images below are a collection of sample Process Portfolio pages, to help work as a guide.

Due Date

These reflections are due Tuesday 11/13, by 11:00 p.m.  This is a summative grade.  Just have your PowerPoint or Keynote sitting in the shared process portfolio, and I will grade it from there.


This reflection can only be fully successful if you are discussing a finished work.  If so submit this project w/o having a completed artwork to discuss, the grade will be negatively impacted, and then subject to the usual late-grade penalty.

Tips on Photographing your Work

For the best photos, photograph your work as it hangs vertically on a surface, and with it evenly lit.  Anything else can cause weird shadows, glare, or strange cambering of your image.

This is most easily done by borrowing a few magnets from me, hanging your work on the whiteboard, and photographing it there, in  class.

It may be necessary, particularly with sculpture, to light it.  We do have a few clamp lights in the classroom just for this purpose.

You may want to crop your photo to just the image, removing any trace of the background surface and/or margin border.

My Role in All of This

I am a facilitator and an editor.  I can help you if you need access to photos, cameras, or software.  I will point out things that are good or bad with your pages.  But in the end, this is completely your work and your submission.  You have final call when it comes to your Process Portfolio, and assembling it is completely your responsibility.  Let me know how I can help so that you can have the best submission possible.


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