AP Timeline: Prehistory to Greece

You are to construct an original timeline.  The timeline must do the following things:

  • The timeline must include the required artworks, artistic periods, and historic dates listed below.
  • The timeline must demonstrate the sequential nature of some of these events.
  • The timeline must also demonstrate the overlapping nature of some of these events.  How you choose to do this is up to you.
  • The timeline must include dates/centuries/time markers that place each period and each artwork in the correct time frame.  How you choose to do this is up to you.

Your timeline should be clear, concise, and regardless of how it is constructed, submitted electronically through an email or link.  PowerPoint, Word document, jpeg file, Prezi, or even an online timeline creator is fine.  No hard copies.

If you have never seen/used Prezi before, I would be glad to show you examples some morning or afternoon.

We have not covered some of these works or art periods yet.  You may use this website, khanacademy.org, and/or your textbook to help you find these works, art periods, and dates.

This is a formative grade and is due by Monday, 10/15, at 11:00 p.m.  Your product will be evaluated for its correctness and clarity.  Your submission should be sent to my school email.

Required Artworks
Anavysos Kouros
Akhenaton, his wife, and three daughters
Darius and Xerxes Receiving Tribute (from the Audience Hall of Darius and Xerxes)
The Great Pyramids
Last Judgment of Hu-Nefer
Stele of Hammurabi
Venus de Milo
Venus of Willendorf

Required Art Periods
The Amarna Period
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Near East
Global Prehistory

Required Historic Dates
9000 BCE       Final Ice Age ends
2500 BCE        Probable date of the first iron objects
1200 BCE        The Fall of Troy?
776 BCE           First Olympic Games
449-479 BCE  The Persian Wars

Turning in Work Electronically

You are most likely giving me some sort of file.  To make things easier, and to ensure that you receive credit for your work, be sure to include your name in the file name, like this:

Names in File Names Example


Two different timelines.  The first by a former student, the second was pilfered from the internet.  Both demonstrate the “overlapping” nature of some art movements, while still expressing the “sequential” nature of some events.

Notice that in the first example we can tell that the Roman period happened before the Medieval period, but we can also tell that the Medieval period ran concurrently with the Islamic period.

Jailene Marrero Timeline Example

Timeline Example 2An example of a TV guide, that demonstrates the “overlapping” nature of some shows on different channels, while also showing the “sequential” nature of shows on the same channel.

TV Guide Timeline Example

PowerPoint Timeline Example
Online Timeline Example

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