AP Find Me: Elements and Principles

Your assignment is to find images which demonstrate each of the following terms:

  • Formal Balance
  • Informal Balance
  • Color (intense)
  • Line
  • Proportion (unusual)
  • Rhythm
  • Texture
  • Unity (aka harmony)
  • Value
  • Variety

For the images I only want graphic, advertising, or popular art.  I do not want any images that could be associated with fine art, your textbook, or anyone who died before 1990.  I want you to see that the art terms we are learning about are still vital and being used today.  Good sources include magazines, comic books and graphic novels, stills from games and movies, and the vast internet.

On an index card you are to place a Xerox or print-out of your image with an appropriate label and a brief definition.  Make sure to put your name on the back of each index card in case they become separated in some way.  An example has been included below.

Alternatively, you may turn in your assignment electronically, by imputing all of the same information in a PowerPoint, Word document, etc.

These cards are due by the beginning of class Tuesday, 9/4. This is a formative grade.

Definition 5 points each card
Image 5 points each card

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