IB Color Scheme Photos

This homework assignment is designed to generate more work for your process portfolio and also syncs well with our current in class assignment.

For this assignment we are looking for 5 photos which clearly demonstrate a defined color scheme:

Additional Things to Know

  • For this assignment I want you to turn in a total of 5 different photos that demonstrate high contrast.  That will give us the ability to go through your photos and select your best ones to use for your portfolio.
  • Try to keep all your editing down to what you see through the lens of your camera.  You may crop after the fact, but don’t Photoshop, add filters, or in other ways manipulate your image.
  • The Rule of Thirds is your friend.  Use it.
  • Focusing is a good thing.  Use it.

This is due Monday, 2/26, by 11:00 p.m.  Place these photos in their own folder (that you make) within your Process Portfolio sub-folder.  This is a formative grade.

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