IB A Coherent Body of Work, Round 2

For this exercise, what I want you to do is refine your current artist’s statement.  At this point y’all have drafted a paragraph with a stated theme or topic.  For this week, we want to refine that.

A Reminder of What A Coherent Body of Work Is
The Exhibition, a component of your IB Art portfolio, requires your work to demonstrate a “theme” that unifies and connects all of the individual works in the show.  What they really mean is that it must look like a coherent body of work; works that show that you have a vision, style, or message and know how to convey that over a series of works.

A coherent body of work can be created Three different ways:

  • Style:  the works all fit within a similar visual aesthetic.  Cubism would be a fantastic example of this, where the subject does not matter, but how the subject is depicted does.
  • Theme:  the work follows the same topic, content, or narrative throughout the work.  An example would be a series of paintings that talk about nature and man’s place within it, or a series of drawings dealing with feminist issues.
  • Technique:  the works are all related because the artist explores the same material or artistic technique throughout their body of work.

Refine Your Theme

Start with the notes I gave you.  There were some possible suggestions of how to make your statement stronger or clearer.  Feel free to add in your own new material, since you have had some more time to think about this.  Everybody should have something to change, add, or refine.

Artistic Influence
Last time you had to produce some sketches.  This time, what I want is for you to find 3 artists who could be or are an influence on your theme.

For each artist, provide their name, a brief statement of how or why they could be/are an influence, and 1 visual example of their artwork.

When it comes to influence, artists can influence in lots of ways:

  • subject matter
  • artistic technique
  • aesthetics
  • material choices
  • particular style
  • particular way of rendering the human form/landscape/trees/whatever
  • their color palette

… and the list goes on and on.  Influence does not mean your work looks like theirs, or that you are copying them.  I admire the work of Diebenkorn a lot, and he challenges my own views on my art, but my work looks nothing like his.  Yet I do try to incorporate elements of chance and spontaneity, like he does.

So In total I want you give me the following:

  • a paragraph (or more) stating your theme or style, edited and revised.
  • 3 artists who are or could be influential on your work
    • a statement for each artist saying how or why they could be an influence
    • a visual example of an artwork by this artist

Turn all of this in as a PowerPoint (or equivalent) document, in your shared folder.

This is due Monday, 1/22, by the beginning of class.  All writing and sketching should be in your sketchbook, and could serve as a process page.  This is a formative grade.

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