Three Sketches

This homework assignment may be a bit odd, but I do have a reason for it, which I will reveal later.

For those of you who have taken my painting class, this will feel familiar.

What I want you to do is to produce three sketches, of anything you want.  The entire assignment should not take longer than 45 minutes, so probably about 15 minutes per sketch, on average.

Artists use sketches to work on ideas, experiment with composition, and to generally try things about before the commit them to canvas, marble, etc.  These are the doodles people do that eventually make their way into art.

Open Topic

You determine what you are drawing.  I don’t care if you are drawing a still-life, a portrait, or just the weird stuff in your head.  As long as it is PG-13/school appropriate, you are fine.

Any Medium

You may do your sketchbook assignments in the medium of your choice.


Written Commentary

Each image is to be accompanied by written commentary, where you do anything from annotate your sketches to critique yourself.  Take the time and opportunity to discuss why you wanted to sketch this topic, notes on colors or techniques, etc.  You are basically writing about your idea, to help better explain it to me and to yourself.

Demonstration of Effort

The final component of this assignment is a demonstration of effort.  The effort may be in the time and skill it took to draw your images, or it may be in the level of thought you put into your writing.


Image 1, with a background 20 points
Image 2 (may be a detail, background optional) 20 points
Image 3 (may be a detail, background optional) 20 points
Written Commentary 20 points
Demonstration of Effort 20 points

These sketches are due 11/13, and they are a formative grade.


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