IB Process Portfolio Photos

So we need to start looking at what we have so far for your process portfolio.

In your shared folder, there is a sub folder labeled “1.Process Portfolio (your name)”

For this assignment, what I want you to do is place all of the following photos in that folder.

You are to take photos of the following works:

  1. Your sketch for the notan assignment
  2. The actual notan painting
  3. All three of the Show Me Something Cool assignments.  If this was in your sketchbook, I want a nice clear photo of that page.  If it was done in an electronic format, place that document in the folder.
  4. A photo of your value scales
  5. A photo of your value study
  6. A photo your pastel techniques page
  7. A photo of your sketch for the botanical pastel
  8. A photo of the actual botanical pastel

Taking Good Photos

The photos you need for submission to IB need to be good quality.  They need to be well lit, in focus, and cover the entire art work.

I recommend photographing your work in the classroom.  If you use my magnets, you can hang your work vertically on the dry erase board.  Hanging the work vertically does a lot to remove unwanted shadows and helps to ensure even lighting.

Prepping the Photo

After you take the photo, take the time to digitally crop the image.  Remove any unwanted borders or backgrounds.

Also label the photo file.  You should rename the file so that it has your name, and the name of the assignment as the title, something like this:

Names in File Names Example

Due Date

All of this is due Monday, 10/30, by 11 pm.  This is a formative grade.

If you need help with anything, please ask earlier rather than later.


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