IB Must. Have. Photo.

Thanks to your own brilliant suggestions, we are going to work on a portrait very soon.  In order to do this, we need a face to observe.

You need to secure a photo of an individual that we can work from for your portrait exercise.  Due to the rules of IB, this needs to be a photo you take yourself, and not a photo taken by anyone else.

So select a friend, family member, or attractive/unattractive stranger, and take their photo.

When you do take the photo, focus on the face, neck, maybe shoulders of the person–we do not need a whole figure or body.  Also pay attention to lighting, and you may want to consider background.  You may want to consider props, whether or not the hands are incorporated, etc. … but do not block or obscure the face.

This photo is to be place in your dropbox folder, inside the brand new sub-folder titled “1.Process Portfolio, (your name).”

This photo is due THURSDAY, 10/19.  That is THIS WEEK. It is a formative grade.

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