Sacred Spaces

The following is a released question which appeared on an AP test a few years ago.  Your assignment is to fully answer the question being asked of you, as if you were taking an AP test.  You are allowed (and encouraged) to do any and all research needed to answer this question.  Like with all good AP writing, you need to cite specific artworks as examples for the points you are trying to make.

This is due Monday 3/27/17, by 11:00 p.m.  This is a formative grade.  You are to submit your responses to me via email:

The Question:
Cultures designate sacred space in a variety of ways to accommodate both religious beliefs and practices.

Select and fully identify two examples of sacred spaces from different cultures, one of which must be from beyond the European tradition.  Discuss how each space accommodates both religious beliefs and practices within its culture.

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