Make-Up Critique

There were a few of you that missed our critique that we did in class on 2/12/16.  If you did, please do a critique of the following image and submit your critique as soon as possible.



Judith Beheading Holofernes, by Artemisia Gentileschi

As you critique the image, let me highlight a few things that we were trying to address with critiques in general:

  • Be full in your description of the artwork.  The description is the gateway to understanding the work and answering the later questions.  This might be the largest section of your critique.
  • In the discussion of style you should address any of the following which you are capable of discussing:  realism vs. abstraction, artistic period, and/or personal artistic style.
  • In answering the question of function, one question you may want to ask is:  why would someone make this?

The image above is a work that is upcoming on our slide list that we have not discussed yet.  Feel free to do a little light research on the work… the kiddos in class certainly scoured the internet as they did their critiques.

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