The First Tableaux Vivants of 2015-2016!

Big classes!

More students!

More tableaux vivants!

Below are the source images the teams selected from in order to create their first tableaux vivants:

The 1st Period Tableaux Vivants…


…and the 6th period Tableaux Vivants!

The secret judges have also spoken! 

They loved the clean wall backgrounds and wished there had been fewer backpacks in the pictures.  They were also impressed how controlling some groups were (cough) when it came to how their pictures were taken.  They would caution some groups to look at proportions, implied lines, and try to peg down what exactly is most important in the work.

The secret judges also thought that  the “3rd place hand shake” was a lousy prize, and were overall truly impressed with ALL of the tableaux vivants.  So they have demanded the following awards:

1st Place:  5 points

2nd Place:  3 points

Everyone else:  2 points!

So enjoy!  But next time… handshakes.  I don’t care what those judges say. :)

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