1st Semester Test Slide List

Semester 1 Slide List

Here it is – your slide list.  Some works are listed because they include important concepts, not because the actual work will be tested.  Additional things you should know:

  • 89 multiple choice questions
  • 1 architectural diagram

90ish% of the test comes from old test questions.  There may be review games for this test, there will be a test review this coming Wednesday after school (12/10/14) and we will try to offer a test review on the Monday of finals week (12/15/14, and if there is interest).

Paleo to Ancient Near East
Ashurbanipal Hunting Lions
Hall of Bulls
Standard of Ur

Egypt and Africa
Akhenaten, Wife, and Daughters
Aka Elephant Mask
Congo Power Figure
Fowling Scene
The Great Pyramids
Khafre Seated
Seated Scribe
Sowei Mask
Step Pyramid of Djoser
Ti Watching a Hippo Hunt

Aegean and Greek
Achilles and Ajax Playing Dice
Battle of Issus
Cycladic Harp Player
Kritios Boy
Laocoon and His Sons
Nike of Samothrace
Toreador Fresco
Zeus (Poseidon)

Art of South, Southeast, and East Asia
Buddha statues (know iconography, differences in styles)
Evening Bell at the Clock
David Vases
Great Stupa
Krishna and Radha
Lakshmana Temple
Life and Death of the Buddha
Traveler Among Mountains and Streams

Etruscan and Roman
Arch of Constantine
Augustus Caesar as General
Equestrian Portrait of Marcus Aurelius
Funerary Circus Relief
Head of a Roman Patrician
House of the Vetti
Pont du Gard
Portrait of Husband and Wife
Temple of Fortuna Virilis
Sarcophagus of a Philosopher

Early Christian, Byzantine, and Islamic
Christ as the Good Shepherd from Galla Placidia
Dome of the Rock
Great Mosque @ Cordoba
Great Mosque @ Isfahan
Great Mosque @ Djenne
Hagia Sophia
Harbaville Tryptich
Justinian and Attendants
San Vitale
Sarcophagus with Philosopher, Orant, and Old and New Testament Stories
Theotokos and Child Between Saints Theodore and George
Three Angels (Old Testament Trinity)

Early Medieval
Chi, Rho, Iota
Cross and Carpet Page
St. Michaels of Hildesheim (all of it)
Equestrian Portrait of Charles the Bald
Otto III Enthroned
Sutton Hoo Purse Cover

Your Semester Test is Tuesday, 12/16/14!!

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