Video: The Buddha

On November 7th we watched a video on the Buddha, by PBS.  The class saw probably about 40 minutes total of the video.

The video is available on-line for free here:

Unlike past videos, I had no predetermined questions. Instead I wanted you to create the questions for future generations.

You need to submit 10 fact-based questions related to the video. Think of questions in terms of what is important in the video – big ideas about Buddha and Buddhism, not trivia like “who is the narrator?” You should also select questions from throughout the hour of the video, and not just 10 questions from the first 10 minutes.

You are to write questions and answers.

You only need to write questions from the first 40 minutes, I am not expecting you to watch the entire video.

This will be graded not only on completion/participation, but also the thoughtfulness or usefulness of the questions.

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