Master’s Copy Collage

You are to create a copy of a masterwork.  What you will do is create a collage that approximates the original artwork.  APPROXIMATE is the key word here.  By no means is there an expectation of perfection; just a degree of accuracy.  Here is what I will be looking for:

  • Approximate colors
  • Approximately the right numbers/masses of figures
  • Approximate backgrounds
  • Approximate textures/shadows/etc.
  • Approximate placing of items, and approximate size

Emphasis should be on those elements that are important to the composition of the piece.  For example, in the Lamentation by Giotto, having the right number of angels is not important, but having that rock wall is.

Written Component
On the day of your final there will be a written component which will be part of your assessment.  You will be asked to answer questions regarding any of the following aspects of your selected artwork:

  • artistic style
  • biographical information about the artist
  • the narrative and iconography
  • formal elements
  • artworks that influenced it
  • artworks it influenced
  • any evidence of appropriation
  • the historical context of the original artwork
  • …and you may be asked to draw a comparison between your work and another one of my choice.

Allowable materials
You may use magazines, newspapers, photos, or construction paper.  You may use copied, scanned, printed, or downloaded images.  There is one key exception.  It will be tempting, and even clever, to print a copy of your masterwork and then use parts of it.  No more than 10% of your collage may in any way come from copies of your masterwork, regardless of the means of reproduction.  You MUST go to other sources to complete your collage.

You will be evaluated on the following:
Degree to which it resembles the original
Well glued
Well trimmed
Degree of completion
Written component

This will be due on the day of your final.  There will be several progress grades taken along the way as formative grades.  The final summative grade for this collage, along with a written component, will serve as your semester test.

Attached below are two examples done for this project, each scored an “A”.

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Also attached is a copy of the PowerPoint we saw in class.

1.Master’s Copy Photomontage

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