Critique: Le Maître d’École

Write a critique of the attached artwork.  For your convenience, the title of the work and the artist’s name are included in the name of the file.  Feel free to do a little research if you need to.

Your response should be submitted to me via personal mail on these boards.

We need to begin to hone your writing skills in preparation for the AP test.  As such only well written critiques following the critique method will be graded.  Anything less will be mocked and then deleted.
The critique is due to me by WEDNESDAY at 11:00 pm, 4/23/14. This is a formative grade.

Your critique may be posted to this thread later, so write well. Remember that a critique is answered in a paragraph format, and to cite examples from the work to back up your points.

Magritte, Le Maitre d'ecole, small
Critique Reminder:
In case you forgot, the critique format can be found here.

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