(Video) How Art Made the World: The Art of Persuasion

When I was absent there was a video we watched in class, and questions that were to be answered.  There were two of you who missed this.

A link to this video is here:


Watch this video and use it to answer the following questions.  Turn in your answers for your make-up grade.

1.  What are the techniques that were used to visually influence people watching the 2004 Republican convention?

2.  What about the grave found near Stonehenge was so surprising?

3.  What is the lesson to be learned from the Stonehenge king?

4.  Darius the Great had a need to communicate his message of peace and prosperity to a vast population that was largely illiterate.  How did he address this problem?

5.  What new artistic tool(s) did Darius the Great help introduce to the world?

6.  Something amazing was found in the tomb of Philip of Macedonia.  What was this artistic innovation?

7.  Why does this innovation work?

8.  Describe the psychological experiment, its outcome, and the conclusions drawn by the outcome.

9.  How did Alexander the Great get his image into the hands of his people?

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