Elements and Principles Drawing

We went over a list of the Elements and Principles of Art in class.  If you missed these notes for some reason, be sure to get with a friend so you may copy their notes.  Using these terms you are to do the following:

  • Divide your paper (12×18) into 8 sections.  (Get this paper from me in class tomorrow).
  • Choose 8 words from among the elements and principles.  (If you choose balance, be sure to tell me which kind of balance you are using.  If you choose color, just stick with color rather than trying to illustrate hue.)
  • Illustrate these words, demonstrating the concepts through the pictures you created.

Elements and Principles example, Ivan CortesThis is due in class by Tuesday, August 3rd.  This is a formative grade.  If you need to borrow materials, just let me know.

NOTE:  I totally forgot to give any detail on this assignment when you were in class Wednesday, nor did I give you any materials.  So I bumped the deadline out a few more days.  Lastly, do not panic!  This is the only drawing you will have to do all year!

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