Art of India

Important Dates
2500 BCE First iron tools/weapons begin to appear
1200 BCE Fall of Troy?
753 BCE Rome founded
499-479 BCE The Persian Wars
325 CE Council of Nicea
476 CE Rome falls
1337 CE Hundred Years’ War begins

Indus Valley, The Other Cradle

The Great Bath
The City of Mohenjo-Daro
Pakistan, 2600 BC
E 39’ x 23’ x 8’ deep

Pakistan, 2000 BCE steatite

Seal Impressions
Pakistan, 2300 BCE
each seal is 1 3/8” x 1 3/8”

+Dancing Figure
Pakistan, 2300BCE, limestone, height 3 7/8”

Reincarnation, karma

Buddhist Art


Lion capital of column
India, 250 BCE polished sandstone
8’ tall

Great Stupa
India, 1st century CE
50’ tall

Detail of Eastern Gate of the Great Stupa
India 1st century CE

Chaitya Hall at Karle
India, 50 CE
interior is 45’ high, 125’ long

Seated Buddha, Gandhara style
Pakistan 2nd century CE
stone 2’
Urna, ushnisha

The Silk Road

+Colossal Buddha of Bamiyan
Afghanistan, 2nd century CE, 180’ tall

The Life and Death of the Buddha
Pakistan, 2nd century CE, schist 2’ x 9’

Seated Buddha Preaching the First Sermon
India 5th century CE, tan sandstone
5’ high
Mathura Style

Bodhisattva Padmapani
From Ajanta Cave 1
India, 5th century CE wall painting


+Manjushri Thangka
Central Tibet, unknown date, gouache on cotton, 22” high
Tantric or Vairayana Buddhism, Lama, Dalai Lama, thangka

Hindu Art

Shiva, Vishnu, Devi, avatar

Boar Avatar of Vishnu
India, 5th century CE
Vishnu stands 13’ tall

Shiva as Mahadeva
India 550 CE
head is 17’ tall

Visvanatha Temple (multiple views)
India, 1000 CE

mandapas, plinth, Tantric Hinduism, Chandella Court, garbhagriha, lingam

Shiva as Nataraja
India, 1000 CE bronze

Mandorla or Nimbus

+The Dharmaraja Ratha
India, 7th century CE

+Bhadrakali within the Rising Sun
Folio 10 from the Tantric Devi series
India, 1660 CE Opaque watercolor, gold, silver, and beetle wing cases

Krishna and Radha in a Pavilion
India late 1760 CE opaque watercolor on paper
(found in chapter 26)

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